How Long Has Castlekeep Been In Business?

Castlekeep was formed in 1995 by Lars Godwin to provide multiple inspection services to homebuyers and homeowners and has been in continuous operation since that time. He is the sole owner and operator of the company. He has a B. S. degree in Civil Engineering from N. C. State University.

What Is The Experience Level Of The Principals In The Company?

Mr. Godwin has over forty years of experience in helping homeowners and buyers with drainage complaints involving ponding water, offsite drainage from adjacent streams and other homeowners, and flooding. In working for City, County, and State Government, Mr. Godwin designed, inspected, or reviewed plans for government buildings, wastewater collection and treatment plans, water distribution systems, on-site wastewater disposal systems, solid waste container sites, retaining walls, streets, stormwater collection, retention and detention ponds, dams, reservoirs and erosion control devices. He also served as Co-Supervisor of the Wake County Building Inspections Division.

What is The Turnaround Time For The Written Report?

The normal turnaround time is 48 hrs. Occasionally the report can be prepared sooner if there are a low number of defects and deficiencies observed.

Does Your Company Walk On The Roof?

Castlekeep has always performed roof inspections from the ground or from a ladder to the 1st floor gutter or eave. The safety of the inspector is our first concern because if there is an injury the business could be dissolved. Also disability and health insurance premiums are excessive for the company. We view the roofs through binoculars.

Do You Accept Credit Cards For Payment?

Our company is not currently set up to accept credit cards for payment of inspection fees. We accept personal checks, money orders or cash.

My Home Inspector Found Many Cracks In The Foundation of The House During The Inspection. Should I be Concerned?

Home Inspectors are required to report cracks in the body of the report. The decision to report cracks in the Summary Page is the opinion of the home inspector to protect you from unknown problems in the future that he/she is not qualified to determine at the time of the inspection. Most Home Inspectors have a good feel for normal settlement cracks and those that indicate above average movement. If the Home Inspector recommends that a Structural Engineer evaluate the cracks, you would be wise to follow the advice. If you do not, you may need to sell your house unexpectedly at a later date due to job transfer, etc. and you may be forced to pay for a subsequent structural evaluation and/or repairs in order to sell the house.

My Friends Have Advised Me To Test For All Chemical and Biological Contaminants During The Well Inspection to Protect Our Family. Should We Do This?

Most of the contaminants in groundwater wells are minerals which your body needs anyway. Unless there is an Industrial Facility nearby, a gas station next door, or a farm storage shed for pesticides adjacent to the house, we do not recommend that additional testing be conducted. We are happy to sample and take to the laboratory any number of samples. However, the cost to sample for every contaminant can cost thousands of dollars that are usually better spent somewhere else in the buying process.