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We provide a service to anyone buying, selling or building a business.

The name “Castlekeep” refers to the central room of a castle where the royal family would retire during an assault on their castle.

Castlekeep was created in 1996 by Lars Godwin to provide homeowners and Contractors a wide range of inspection and design services related to the purchase or modification of homes and businesses. Since that time thousands of home, well, septic, structural and drainage inspections have been completed providing customers with information on buying and selling real estate and solutions associated with defects or deficiencies in homes and commercial buildings.

Today, Castlekeep has narrowed the scope of services to specialize in structural engineering and the inspection of commercial buildings and well systems. We continue to have established relationships with professionals who provide home inspections, septic inspections, and radon testing. We also offer general civil engineering design and consultation services pertaining to drainage, stormwater management, wastewater design and operation, and well design and operation.

Why choose Castlekeep?

We have protected homeowners from financial hardship and excessive expense by our thoroughness and experience:

A small ranch home in North Raleigh was evaluated by a foundation repair company and their estimate for repairing numerous cracks was $ 15,000.00. Our evaluation revealed that the cracks were not structural and could be repaired by a Masonry Contractor for $1,500.00.

A small ranch home in Smithfield had a bowed front wall in the basement. The homeowners were quoted $ 80,000.00 to repair and were told they would need to move out of their house for 2 weeks. We performed a structural evaluation and contacted a competent foundation repair company who completed the necessary repairs for $ 8000.00. The homeowners did not have to leave their home.

We have provided innovative hydrologic methods for analyzing water storage points for volunteer fire departments in Wake County. The Fairview Volunteer Fire Department was recently required to reapply for certification of the capacities of their water points by the Insurance Services Organization. The methodology that we developed over 25 years ago was still acceptable and no further costs were incurred by the fire department for recertification.

We have broad experience in the evaluation of commercial facilities. Over the past 20 years we have inspected office buildings, medical offices, industrial manufacturing plants, warehouses, churches, banks and a large landscape nursery and garden supply business. We have developed expertise in identifying environmental hazards and issues that can seriously affect the cost of purchasing and maintaining commercial businesses of all sizes.

We have many years of experience in water quality and well inspections and can provide peace of mind for homebuyers and investors when purchasing real estate. One homebuyer was unaware that the well for the home she was buying had been polluted with gasoline from a nearby leaking underground fuel storage tank until our water quality testing was performed.

Services Provided by Castlekeep

Structural Evaluations: We provide structural evaluations for anyone who has cracks in the foundations of their homes or businesses. We also will evaluate sloping floors or cracks in walls or ceilings. Castlekeep is often called to evaluate additions or finished rooms where no permit was obtained for construction.

Structural Design: Castlekeep provides design services for General Contractors and homeowners modifying existing houses by building additions or removing walls. Castlekeep provides beam and column calculations and evaluates the need for additional foundation support for these modifications.

FHA Structural Inspections-Mobile Homes: Castlekeep provides structural inspections for mobile homes. Piers, anchor straps and bolts, tie-downs and foundation walls are evaluated to insure compliance with the Federal Housing Association mobile home set-up requirements.

Well Inspections: Mortgage companies frequently require well inspections when funding is being provided by FHA, VA, or other federal institutions. We evaluate the operation of the well and pump system, locate and record capacity, depth and casing data, take water quality samples for lead, nitrate, nitrite and coliform; and obtain lab analysis from Enco Labs located in Cary, N. C. We also provide well inspections for conventional loans and for buyers who want information regarding the existing status of the well.

Stormwater Analysis: Castlekeep will prepare limited storm water plans for individual homes when flooding or erosion are impacting their properties. Design sketches and narratives are provided for installation of measures by Landscape Contractors.

Commercial Inspections: Castlekeep conducts commercial inspections for businesses such as Doctors Offices, Churches, Restaurants, Body Shops and small manufacturing facilities. Inspections are conducted in the same manner as home inspections and a report with summary sheet is provided.

Other Design, Inspection, and Operation Services: Castlekeep provides a wide range of additional design and inspection services. Some examples are small retaining wall inspection and design, structural assessment of residential buildings in floodplains, and operation of subsurface wastewater disposal systems and well systems. If you have a specific need, please contact our

office and we will be glad to give you a quote, or refer you to the appropriate firm for completion of your project.

Home Inspections www.ecdoesithomeinspections.com

Radon Gas www.raleighradon.com


  • Registered Professional Engineer #9518
  • C-Well License #975149
  • Subsurface Wastewater Disposal Operators License #12134
  • Grade 1 Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator License #6921

Professional Associations

North Carolina Waterworks Operators Association - member


Owner:  Lars D. Godwin, B. S. Civil Engineering, N. C. State University Work History:

Position involved the supervision of 11 employees in surveying of County properties, enforcement of Sediment and Erosion Control program and the Flood Control program.
Position involved inspection of homes and businesses to provide detailed reports of defects and deficiencies to real estate buyers and sellers prior to closing. Inspection of septic and well systems, structural evaluations and radon testing.

1975-1976 Surveying assistant. Bobby Kornegay Surveying-Goldsboro, N.C.
Position involved assisting survey team with boundary locations and performing percolation tests for septic systems.
1976-1977 Community Development Engineer- City of Sanford, N.C.
Position involved surveying for street projects, obtaining sewer easements from landowners, and assisting the City Engineer with various civil engineering design and operation projects.

1977-1979 Environmental Engineer-N.C. Dept. of Natural Resources
Position involved engineering review of wastewater treatment system plans and Specifications.
1979-1984 Environmental Engineer-N.C. Dept. of Natural Resources-Raleigh Regional Office
Position involved the supervision of 7 employees in the inspection and operation of wastewater systems, site evaluation for proposed systems, and emergency response to oil spills, fish kills, chemical spills, and wastewater overflows for a 16 county region of North Carolina.
1984-1996 County Engineer-Wake County, North Carolina
1996- 2016 President, Padger Inc. dba Castlekeep
2016-Current Commercial Building inspections, structural evaluations, well inspections