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    "Why call 5 different companies for inspection
when Castlekeep can conduct all your inspections
at the same time?"
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We provide a comprehensive service to anyone buying, selling or building a home.

The name “Castlekeep” refers to the central room of a castle where the royal family would retire during an assault on their castle.

Today the assault consists of the myriad of people and professions that you must deal with in a relatively short, stressful period.

Realtors, lawyers, contractors and mortgage lenders are just a few of the professionals represented in the process.

The acquisition or sale of a home is therefore similiar to the protection of a castle. Castlekeep offers many services tailored to the needs of prospective clients.

Buyer Home Inspections
Seller Presale or PreListing Inspection
One Year Warranty Inspection
Partial Home Inspection
FHA Structural Inspection-Mobile Home
Well Inspection
Septic Inspection
Radon Gas
Commercial Inspections
PreDrywall Inspection
Pool and Hot Tub Inspections
Structural Evaluations
Structural Design
Stormwater Plans
Other Design, Inspection, and Operation Services
American Society of Civil Engineers - member
Water Environment Federation - member
American Water Works Association - member
North Carolina Waterworks Operators Association - member
North Carolina Licensed Home Inspectors Association (Triangle Chapter) - member and past president
Home Inspector License #295
Registered Professional Engineer #9518
C-Well License #975149
Subsurface Wastewater Disposal
Operators License #12134
Grade 1 Wastewater Treatment Plant
Operator License #6921
Onsite Wastewater Inspector
Certification #24911


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